Big Stories

Pine Creek vs Pueblo Centennial

Pine Creek vs. Pueblo Centennial

Eagles win season opener

Coronado vs Palmer

Coronado vs. Palmer

Terrors win 30-14

Delta vs TCA

Delta vs. TCA

Delta wins 38-35

La Junta vs Sierra

La Junta vs. Sierra

Tigers win 54-8

Tim Beckman

David Banks/Getty Images

Illinois cans coach after player complaints

The University of Illinois has fired its head football coach after allegations that he mistreated players who were injured and threatened to take away their scholarships against school policy.

Tim Beckman had been accused by several players, many who ...

A preview of the Doherty football team

A preview of the Doherty football team

The Spartans want to build on last season's success

A preview Ftn Ft Carson football team

A preview Ftn. Ft. Carson football team

Trojans are ready for the 2015 season

Justin Wilson In a Coma

Justin Wilson In a Coma

Justin Wilson is in critical condition and in a coma at a hospital in Pennsylvania. Wilson was struck by flying debris after Sage Karam's car crashed into the outside wall.

NFL Richest - Denver Broncos


Broncos Edge Texans 14-10

 Peyton Manning couldn't score in more than a quarter of work in his preseason debut before Denver's reserves rallied late to help the Broncos to a 14-10 win over the Houston Texans on Saturday night.

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