TAMPA, Fla. -- It wasn't unexpected or ground-breaking, but first-round draftee Mike Williams was relieved when he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday.

"It's a big relief," the No. 7 overall pick from Texas A&M said. "I'm already a part of the team, but it feels good to have it on paper."

Evans signed a four-year deal with an option for a fifth year, as all first-round picks do under the league's new collective bargaining agreement. Multiple reports had the contract as a $14.6 million deal, fully guaranteed, with a signing bonus of $8.96 million.

"It's a blessing. I've never seen so many zeros," he said. "It's a dream come true. I was just thinking about my family, being able to help them out."

Thanks to defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, Williams wasn't the only player that received something nice as the minicamp wrapped up.

McCoy celebrated the end of the team's mandatory minicamp by renting a "Kona Ice" shaved-ice truck for the team.

"How often do you get to end it with a snow cone?" said Lovie Smith, who gave the OK to McCoy's kind gesture. "That was the topping on the cake a little bit. ... Great idea. I talk to the guys about getting their body fat down ... for a day like today, we're not going to count calories. Guys left with a smile on their face."

McCoy said he likes to treat his teammates like family, and his wife had so craved the shaved-ice recently that she asked him to stop a truck as they were driving. He asked the driver if he could get him to come to One Buc (the team's address), and the rest was history.

"It's a family here," he said. "These are my brothers, this is my family. We've been working hard since April, we're all about to go on break. I figure it's hot out here, I'll do something nice for my family."

--Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald, who won a Super Bowl ring with the Seattle Seahawks last season, shared his experience of visiting the White House with Bucs teammates.

"It was a special moment," he said. "You could really see that hard work pays off."

McDonald, 27, was a key offseason free-agent signing for new coach Lovie Smith and his staff.

"For a lot of guys, it's just a dream," he said. "For the reality of me actually being able to go, to be a part of that, to come back and share that experience, it gives hope to the guys that if we work hard, if we dedicate ourselves to our craft and take this serious, we could be there too."