NCAA president Mark Emmert said Wednesday he remains confident that the NCAA and the five power conferences are not that far apart in what they want to get accomplished in a new governance structure.

Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive recently talked about the possibility of the five power conferences (the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and Pac-12) and Notre Dame essentially breaking off from the rest of Division I to form their own Division 4.

But Emmert told USA Today Sports he doesn't think that will be necessary, following a meeting with more than 100 athletic directors Wednesday at the National Association of College Directors of Athletics convention in Orlando, Fla.

"The reality is, they're not that far apart on the various ends of that and I'm pretty confident the whole thing is going to work out and probably be successful," Emmert told USA Today.

The NCAA is trying to focus on an autonomous structure for the power five conferences that would give them voting independence on specific issues.

According to USA Today, the NCAA steering committee, made up of eight college presidents, drafted a proposal last month calling for a two-thirds supermajority for autonomous votes to pass, plus simple-majority approval from four of the five conferences.

Slive, as well as Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, have called for a lower threshold. Slive said 60 percent and three conferences would be acceptable.

"I'm sure that the steering committee will find a sensible compromise," Emmert said.

A final version of the proposal is expected to go to a vote of the NCAA's Board of Directors on Aug. 7.