Cancellations and delays at the Springs Airport

Flight Delays at the Springs Airport

Colorado Springs, COLO - It was a nice day for flying around Southern Colorado, but passengers were being delayed by bad weather that's happening hundreds of miles away.

Four of today's five outbound flights on American Airlines were cancelled, and other airlines saw delays as well.

Many of the planes that fly out of the Springs come in from cities were the storm caused delays or cancellations.  That causes a ripple effect through the entire system.

We caught up with some passengers who were spending some extra time at the Springs Airport Monday.

Ellie Melancon, of Lafitte, Louisiana said "the incoming plane from Chicago is delayed 47 minutes coming in."

Kai Shanks of Bowie, Maryland said, "I'm afraid we're going to miss our connecting flight, because our connecting flight is only a 30 minutes span of time."

With the weather improving, flights will be back on time, but many passengers are having to scramble to make other arrangements after missing their original flights.

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