Free weed for veterans

Free weed for veterans

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. - It was a deep discount for veterans at the Double Tree in Colorado Springs today.

Weed was free.

"My favorite question actually is why cannabis is a last resort, should be a first resort, why is the first resort drugs that can kill you," said Roger Martin, co-founder of "Grow 4 Vets.

Martin, an Army Veteran, said he had become addicted to pain pills.

"By 2010, I was taking 180 milligrams of oxycotin and 20-30 milligrams of ambian just to sleep one to two hours per night," Martin said.

That and also the aches that ailed him went away, he said, because of cannabis.

"It's a safe alternative," Martin said.

"The cannabis helped me immensely," said Air Force veteran Steven Loness who is battling PTSD.

"I ended up getting off all of my 23 medications and just smoke cannabis," Army veteran Charles Donner agreed.

Freedom they say they receive from this free pot, a freedom that not everyone outside the Double Tree agrees with.

This last session, Colorado lawmakers rejected PTSD as a medical reason to be prescribed marijuana.

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