Lots of backup on roads as holiday traffic tests drivers' patience

Drivers' patience runs thin in holiday traffic

Colorado Springs, Colo - Highway 24 looked like a crawl at times Sunday afternoon as drivers made their way back home from Fourth of July celebrations.

"The traffic has been all over the place," Springs resident Luis Tapia said. "It's been slow, and backed up."

"Usually our commute across town is about 30 minutes," Kelley Pero Luckhurst said. "It took us 45 - 50 minutes today."

A few drivers had to make one last stop along Highway 24 for another $3.60 a gallon fill-up. Nebraska native Jonathan Trexel believes high gas prices just add to the stress of travel.

"We were going to travel regardless of the price," Trexel said. "So, it was one of the things that we acknowledged and made the trip anyway."

Trexel hoped to return to his front door in Lincoln by midnight Sunday. But he knows that estimation is a longshot.

"The back roads, traffic was going real slow," he said. "Normal places you'd be going 60, you were down to 50 and hard to pass, so you had to push your way through."

Colorado State Patrol says the traffic on I-25 is similar to past holiday weekends.

"I know everybody wants to get home after the long weekend," Trooper Ryan Comer acknowledged. "But we're just asking for them to take it slow and remember driving safe and arriving home in one piece without having to go to the hospital is much preferable to the alternative."

According to CSP, there were several alcohol-involved fatal crashes this weekend throughout Colorado. 

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