Retail pot goes on sale in Pueblo County tomorrow

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Two Pueblo County pot shops have been preparing for Jan. 1 ever since they received their licenses to sell recreational marijuana.

The two businesses will begin to sell retail pot at 8 a.m.

"We've been doing our best  to make sure we have everything," said Chris Jones, who works at Marisol Therapeutics.

Jones said the store spent more than a $100,000 on fees and licenses, along with bringing in new signs, products and employees.

"We'll definitely have enough for tomorrow (Jan. 1) and to last a couple weeks, I'm just wondering (about) after that," Jones said.

Hank Borunda works at the Greener Side.

He feels his business is in uncharted territory and he wants to show people that his business is selling retail marijuana properly.

Even though retail pot has an additional 3.5 percent sales tax on it in Pueblo County because of Amendment 1B, Borunda feels customers will pay for it.

"Two percent of Colorado has cards, so that opens us up to a lot more people with recreational marijuana," Borunda said.

Marisol Therapeutics and Greener Side are not the only shops preparing for New Year's Day, local businesses are also getting ready.

"We're going to have extra staff, extra pizza and a lunch buffet running during the day," said Savanna Sample, who works at the Do Drop Inn restaurant.

Colorado residents over the age of 21 can buy an ounce of marijuana per visit, but there are marijuana shops, like Marisol's, that will allow an ounce of marijuana to be purchased per day. 

Out-of-state residents have to be over 21 to purchase a quarter ounce.

Colorado residents can also own up to six plants.



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