Rival schools unite to support Arapahoe High students

School shooting victim Claire Davis in come, but stable according to family

Rival schools unite to support Arapahoe High students

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Students say school rivalries don't matter at a time like this.

Arapahoe Strong is the motto of the Centennial community especially after the school shooting tragedy.

It's not only Arapahoe High School uniting. Fellow high schools and other nearby towns are banding together to heal. 

In the Valor Christian High School gym, students, friends, and parents sat side by side Sunday night (12/15/13). Many were Valor Falcons, but that night all were Warriors. 

"It's like one big family," said Arapahoe High freshman Lucas Bergeman. 

"It means a lot just to show how much people love each other," said friend of Claire Davis, Chris Davis. 

Claire Davis is the only victim of Friday's shooting. She's a 17-year-old Arapahoe senior in a coma, but in stable condition according to family. She was shot in the head by the shooter.    

Students were sharing their support one student to another. 

"No rivalries anymore matter. We're all human to human. That's what matters is that when heartache hits, we need our neighbors," said Valor Christian High senior Kaylie Miller. 

It's a time of need after such a horrible day no one will forget. 

"We just heard bang. We thought someone threw a notebook on the ground. In my mind, I was like that was a gunshot, but then I was like no way. That couldn't and then we heard bang, bang," said Bergeman. 

The community and students are raising money to help Claire Davis' family pay the medical bills. 

"It's just a better way for me to heal myself and helping others really is one thing I strive to do in my daily life," said Chris Davis. 

The students, no matter their school, are sticking together. 

"I just feel like if we all come together it's going to help the healing process that much more," said Chris Davis.  

In return for donations for Claire Davis, people received a bracelet with the words "We Are Not Alone." It's another phrase showing unity in Arapahoe County.

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