Tornadoes tear through mountain towns

Tornadoes tear through mountain towns

PARK AND TELLER COUNTIES, Colo. - It was another wild weekend of weather in Colorado. Tornadoes touched down in several spots Sunday afternoon, June 7, 2014.

One of at least two twisters spotted, the first touched down in Fairplay. Then, another touched down near Lake George.

One woman sent pictures of a tornado outside her house south of Fairplay. A tornado whipped through Pamela Copher-Groome's front yard while she and her husband were home. She had broken shutters, gutters and her patio furniture was shattered. The tornado picked up some of the chairs and tossed them far away from there.

"We all started running when we saw it coming through the fields because stuff was hiring the house and it came right through our front yard. Stuff was flying within inches of the window," she said.

A second tornado then traveled toward Lake George. The Park County Sheriff's Office says reports of a third one hit an RV park where construction workers were doing a renovation project. Trucks, trailers, and RVs were flipped on their sides.  It looked like something out of a movie. The RV park's owner says he never expected a tornado in Lake George.

"I was just online the other day and apparently a tornado touched down here several years ago and I kind of laughed because I was like what are the chances of a tornado touching down here in Lake George and surprise!" said Rob Leghorn.

The Park County Sheriff's says no injuries were reported.

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