Cheyenne Mountain State Park remains closed due to downed power lines

Colorado Springs, Colo. - NEWS RELEASE FROM THE PARK:

Cheyenne Mountain State Park remains closed to the public due to damage sustained from strong winds during Monday's storm. Park staff are asking residents and visitors to continue avoiding the area.

Power lines were blown down in front of the park entrance and crews are still working to make the needed repairs. During Monday's storm, a trailer was blown over at the park. It was occupied by a mother and two small children. The family was taken to Memorial Hospital and have since been released. The injuries sustained by the 5-year-old were minor.

The park has sustained significant structural damage on at least two buildings. Trees are down - affecting trails - and roadway signs are either uprooted or bent and will need to be replaced.

It is uncertain when the park will reopen. For the safety of visitors and crews, please avoid the state park until further notice.


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