Friday snow intense, melts quickly in Teller County

Up to 8 inches accumulated

Friday snow intense, melts quickly in...

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - Residents of Woodland Park and other areas of Teller County may have thought they'd spend most of the weekend digging out from Friday's snowstorm.

The storm began intensely, dumping as much as eight inches of snow on the area and leaving streets, roads and highways snowpacked and slick.

Private plowing companies and individual shovelers woke early, hoping to get a head start on snow removal.

However, by noon, most of those roadways were clear, wet or even dry in some areas as much of the snow quickly melted.

Teller County often receives some of the heaviest snow amounts during storms and its higher elevation often keeps snow on the ground for longer periods of time.

But KRDO NewsChannel 13 Stormtracker Mike Everett said the characteristics of Friday's storm did not bring Arctic air that would have lowered temperatures enough to slow melting.

"It's also that the storm came in late March and you'd expect to see more melting then," he said.

The melting snow is welcomed by many people who have worried about a worsening drought and high wildfire danger.

A convenience store on U.S. 24 near Woodland Park lost power and temporarily closed Friday when a transformer exploded, likely affected by the storm, according to manager Anthony Brown.

"We lost our cash registers and gas pumps," he said.  "But we need the moisture.  I'd like to see us get a few more storms like this."

Kathleen Gates moved to the area a year ago and tried to plow the snow from her driveway. 

"The plow sort of slided off," she said.  "It was a little scary."

Ralf Hoehne of Green Mountain Falls woke early to drive to the ski resorts.

"It's kind of stupid to be out, I admit," he said.  "You news folks shouldn't be out in this, either."

Except for Teller County offices closing and several vehicles skidding off roads, authorities said the storm caused no serious issues.

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