Powerful winds sweeping through Monument

WATCH: Nearly hurricane-force winds...

MONUMENT, Colo. - High force, powerful winds sweeping through northern El Paso County Wednesday morning left behind a mess in Monument.

Wind gusts crept upwards of 50 mph in Monument and close to 60 mph in certain isolated areas.

"It's been horrible," said Amy Martin. 

Martin, a Monument native, came home to her fence ripped off the ground.

"I'm scared about the trees falling down on busses, and I'm worried about it blowing people off the road," she said.

Damage was all over the place. Fences blown through, tarps torn apart, barbecue sets broken, swing sets ripped, lawn mowers upside down and even birds struggling to fly.

"It's so scary," said Stacey Ford, a truck driver. "I was worried I was going to get blown over."

Ford pulled off the Interstate to a rest stop for a couple hours until the winds died down.

"It was blowing me from side to side and I was just trying to stay in the lane," Ford said.

Last January, one of the most destructive wind storms swept through Southern Colorado that caused downed power lines, giant trees to fall on houses, and two people lost their life.

"It is so scary," said Martin.

CDOT warns drivers to use caution around high-profile vehicles and to secure your property outside.


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