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Local Forecast

Marty's Sunday Morning Forecast - 4/23/17

Today: Mostly sunny & cool with some frost early this morning, but much warmer this afternoon. Expect a partly cloudy, breezy finish to the day with high temperatures in the 70s for the plains, mainly 60s for the mountains.


Tonight: Partly cloudy & not as cool with low temperatures in the 40s for the plains, mainly 30s over the mountains.


Extended: Breezy to windy at times and warm to start the work week. Temperatures will fall starting Tuesday with a chance for scattered showers. Tuesday night looks to bring a more widespread rainfall to some areas, and maybe some wet snow over the mountains. Scattered showers, and possibly some snow showers over the mountains will remain possible Wednesday through Friday, and we'll stay cool with some wind at times. A more widespread rain and snow looks possible next Saturday too. Bottom line is that we'll remain cool and unsettled for awhile starting Tuesday.