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Storm intensity, drainage limits worsen flooding in storm

Colorado Springs news conference Tuesday...

City Officials Explain Drainage Limitations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The intensity of rain and hail, combined with drainage limitations in one area of the city, contributed to the severity of flash flooding in Monday's storm, Colorado Springs officials said during a news conference Tuesday.

Corey Farkas, manager of the city's Streets Division, and Richard Mulledy, they city's stormwater manager, spoke at the City Administration Building downtown.

Farkas said hail and debris worsened flooding because they clogged many drains in a specific area between downtown and Citadel Mall on the city's east side.

"We had a lot of drainage structures that were backing up," he said.  "We actually had manhole covers that were popping off Platte Avenue."

Mulledy said the flooding was intensified by the area being an older section of town, being flat and draining poorly because of few underground storm sewers.

"On that side of town, we depend on the streets to carry water, and that just wasn't possible with the amount of hail and rain that fell," he said.

Mulledy said that the area has several upcoming projects included in the city's new stormwater priority list.

Farkas said the city has an "all hands on deck" approach as crews work to finish cleanup and repairs after the storm.

"We should finish by the end of the week if we don't get another storm to worry about," he said.

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