Money available for those struggling to stay warm this winter

Temperatures are forecast to get colder this week, which means more families will be turning up their heaters.  More heat means a pricier utilities bill, something some in southern Colorado cannot afford.

That's where the Colorado LEAP program can help.  This federally-funded program provides monetary assistance to eligible families and individuals, to help pay for heating their homes.

LEAP has just announced that it is now able to give out more money this season.

"The benefits were just increased so we have a minimum benefit of $300 and a maximum benefit of $1,300.  So, it's very well worth it if you're eligible for this help," said Melinda Bennett, LEAP manager.

Previously, LEAP was only able to give out a minimum benefit of $200 with a maximum benefit of $900.

LEAP is accepting applications through April 30, and said there is plenty of money to help Colorado residents in need.

Eligibility requirements are related to monthly incomes.  To see if you qualify, click here.

Despite this year's cold winter, LEAP said the number of people receiving help from LEAP is down 9 percent in comparison to last winter.

For more information and to apply for assistance, call 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435) or visit LEAP's website by clicking here.

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