Storm dumps 6 inches over Rye

Greenhorn Creek reaches crest, floods basements

Storm dumps 6 inches over Rye

RYE, Colo. - It took just one big storm for floodwaters to reach the crest of Greenhorn Creek, sending boulders and a collapsed trail bridge into the water.

A heavy storm dumped more than 6 inches of rain in Rye overnight, covering basements in mud and water. The rain many people had been hoping for finally came but much quicker than the creek could handle.

"We hope it quits raining and the water recedes and we can start looking if there is any damage and we can get the mud out of some people's houses," said Terry Mabrey, mayor of Rye.

The storm woke up sisters Emily and Kaily Smith, who spent much of Monday afternoon cleaning up the debris from their front yard. "We were also woken up by police officers who were coming to our door to make sure that we were OK," Emily said.

Terry Hill lives beside Greenhorn Creek. He woke up to the sound of boulders crashing onto the water. It's a sight he said he's never seen.

"This is the worst one we've had in over 40 years here so we keep that in mind that it's a pretty rare thing so we're not gonna worry about it too much in the future," Hill said.

The storm destroyed Hill's patio. Thankfully, floodwaters never reached his home.

Aside from a trail bridge between two homes, no other major damage was reported.

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