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Want your own copy of "StormTracker 13's In The Colorado Classroom" book? You can! Click here to get your free copy, downloaded to your computer!

Non-5th grade teachers, feel free to print out and use any pages you'd like! This is a free educational resource.

Weather Links

Your Homework Links

Page 23 asks you to record the weather observed for the day. Here are the links to what you need!

Interesting & Useful Weather Links

*NEW* - Excellent educational information on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami just added!

Just For Teachers: Answer Key

Teachers' Answer Key

Teachers: Please use the username & password provided to you to access the answer key. If you don't have it and need access, please click here to have it emailed to you.


Arthur weakens to tropical storm

Hurricane Arthur landfall


Hurricane Arthur made landfall in North Carolina late on July 3, but it did not dawdle over the coastline to vandalize neighborhoods for long. By Friday morning, it had weakened to a Category 1 and was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday.

Best ways to donate after tragedies

Kids with signs asking for help Philippines

REUTERS/Charlie Saceda

The devastation following a disaster like Typhoon Haiyan often compels people around the world to want to help. Find out the most effective ways you can give so victims get the help they need.


Jay's Wednesday Afternoon Weather

Jay s Wednesday Afternoon Weather

It's a nice start to the afternoon, but there will be more showers and storms later on. The chance for rain will last for another day or so before clearing out for the holiday weekend.

Abby's Wednesday Morning Forecast

Abby s Wednesday Morning Forecast

Daytime highs will reach the 70s and 80s for most locations, with the 60s and 70s for the regional mountains. Expect mostly cloudy skies with afternoon storms; however, we will see more breaks of sun than we did Tuesday. Rain chances will range between 30 and 50 percent. Any areas that were…

Rachael's Late Tuesday Forecast

Rachael s Late Tuesday Forecast

Tracking a chance for more rain on Wednesday and Thursday, then we begin to quiet down as we head into your holiday weekend.

Heat Index

Ask A StormTracker

Have A Question?

What is that? Why did that happen? How do those form? When do we get these?...Whatever your weather question, we want to help!

Ask one of our StormTrackers here and we may use your question on tv!

Slideshow: Books In The Colorado Classroom

Books In The Classroom - The Slideshow

We love the smiles on the faces and the excitement about learning this book is creating!

What's That Mean? StormTracker Glossary

Glossary Of Terms

What does Coriolis Force mean? What about Easterlies? Find out the weather terms in this downloadable glossary guide.


Storm surge



Storm surge is a large dome of water often 50 to 100 miles wide that sweeps across the coastline near where a hurricane makes landfall. Find out more about storm surges here.


Flood waters over street signs

Eric Thayer/Reuters

Find out all that you need to know about flooding.

Anatomy of a tornado

Tornado file

Find out all that you need to know about tornadoes.


Lightning file


Find out all you need to know about lightning.


Colorado Springs

Normal High:80°
Normal Low:54°
Record High: 94° in 1960
Record Low: 39° in 1992
Sunrise:6:23 am
Sunset:7:37 pm
Moonrise:8:20 am
Moonset:8:32 pm
Today's MoonWaxing crescent


Normal High:88°
Normal Low:56°
Record High: 100° in 1960
Record Low: 45° in 1992
Sunrise:6:23 am
Sunset:7:35 pm
Moonrise:8:19 am
Moonset:8:31 pm
Today's MoonWaxing crescent

WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes

Stormtracker13 - Behind The Scenes


Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister, Marty Venticinque, Rachael Plath and Anders Nelson give you a personal behind the scenes tour!


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