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StormTracker 13 Webcast

Local Forecast

Wednesday Night Forecast - 06/28/17

Tonight: Overnight lows drop to the 50s and 60s under partly cloudy skies. The breeze will stay much lighter overnight than it was last night, even in the higher elevations.

Thursday: Storms return to the forecast, but mainly for the northern half of Colorado. Still, there's a 20% chance of storms for all cities north of Pueblo and Canon City. Main threats with any storms will be heavy downpours and wind gusts up to 60mph. Hail could still be a threat for cities northeast of the springs, but it's unlikely to be big enough to cause any damage. Highs will be in the 80s and low 90s with partly cloudy skies.

Extended: Behind a cold front late Thursday, temperatures drop to the 70s and 80s Friday. Some easterly winds will help maintain moisture, sparking increasing storm chances. Afternoon storms are in the forecast all the way into the start of next work week.