16 traffic fatalities so far this year, on pace with last years record breaking year

16 traffic fatalities so far this...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Every day it seems another traffic accident leads to yet another death.

“Overall traffic accidents are down, but our fatalities are not,” said Lt. Jim Sokolik with CSPD. 

In the past week, three different accidents have killed three different people. On Monday a 27-year-old man died after a rollover on Union and Hancock Expressway.  Over the weekend, another rollover happened which also killed someone. But, it’s not just here in Colorado Springs, it’s the entire state. Yesterday, an accident near the intersection of Black Forest and Hodgen killed a 50-year-old woman. This makes the 155th traffic fatality on Colorado roads.

Lt. Sokolik said “Very rarely is this an accident. Usually, when we have a traffic crash it’s because somebody has made a decision and has violated a traffic ordinance or has just made a poor decision on their driving. Speed, seatbelt, failure to stop for a red light.”

So in total, how are we tracking compared to last year?

“This was our 16th fatality," said Sokolik. "We were at 16 at this time last year.

CSPD says this has become a main priority for them, and they are trying everything they can to prevent traffic fatalities from happening.

Lt. Sokolik said, “We have officers out there, they have stepped up their traffic enforcement. Part of our program is the red light cameras, that’s a portion of traffic safety. It’s not the main portion it’s what can we do to influence traffic. We have education campaigns that go out and then a town hall a few weeks ago.”

CSPD asks that you please don’t drive distracted, where your seatbelt and slow down. 

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