30 holes in Pueblo man's fence after OIS

30 holes in Pueblo mans fence after OIS

PUEBLO, Colo. - Hole after hole, we found exactly 30 separate places where bullets blasted through Ronnie Palmisano's fence. It's  about 40 yards from where police shot and killed Joe Delira-Alires who was shooting at them.

"Some handguns going off, repetitiously, where when I opened the door, I got scared and closed it back and then after that, it was like church around here," Palmisano said.

Palmisano said usually in the evening, he is in his backyard with his dogs. But luckily he was inside when the bullets started firing.

"They must have known a lot of bullets went flying in my yard because they want to make sure everyone was ok in my house," Palmisano said.

He said he found five spent bullets in his backyard. As for the other 25 bullets represented by the holes, he has no idea where they went.

Palmisano said he is guessing it is going to be close to $2,000 to repair his fence. But the city said it isn't responsible for the repairs because of the Governmental Immunity Act.

Police Chief Troy Davenport said in the tense moments leading up to a shooting, it is up to each officer to decide if they fire their gun.  With the suspect shooting at the officers in this instance, eight officers are on leave.

 "Well, you just rely on your training. It is rapidly unfolding, as I said, it requires split-second decision making. It just isn't as simple as 'a' followed by 'b' followed by 'c'," Davenport said.  

At the scene, there were 62 evidence tags marking bullet casings. With 30 found in the fence, the coroner has yet to say how many hit the gunman.

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