Average dates of our first freeze

Average first freeze

SOUTHERN COLORADO, Colo. - With fall officially underway, before we know it - southern Colorado will experience its first freeze of the season. The average first freeze in Colorado Springs is October 1st. In Pueblo, it's October 8th. Of course, this is when temperatures drop to or below 32 degrees. Last year, Colorado Springs and Pueblo had its first freeze October 9th.

If you're a green thumb, you can cover your annual plants to protect them from the freezing temperatures once those arrive. But if your annuals aren't looking good anyway, you might as well not bother. You don't need to cover perennials like trees or shrubs. One expert we talked to says gardening in Colorado is simply crazy.

"It can be difficult, every year is different. We no longer have even weather and there are always a lot of surprises. For example, this summer's hail was a surprise for a lot of people," said local gardener Robin Boutilier.

Woodland Park could get close to freezing temperatures overnight this week. For the latest forecast, make sure to stay tuned to our webpage:

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