Average dates of our first snow

Average first snow statistics

SOUTHERN COLORADO, Colo. -  With the fall season now in full swing, many folks start wondering when we could get our first snow.

The average first snow of the season in Colorado Springs is October 26th. In Pueblo, it's a little later - November 6th. The record for the latest first snow in Colorado Springs is December 2nd from two years ago. Over in the Steel City, the latest first snow was December 24th in the 1930s.

Of course, Mother Nature in Colorado doesn't exactly behave according to averages. For example, if we get a strong enough cold front in the next few weeks, it's possible we could see a little snow earlier than average. In the reverse, snow could also come later than the norm as well. It truly just depends on the weather set-up.

"I'm just really excited to go snowboarding for the first time and snowshoeing and sledding and all of the above," says snowboarding hobbyist Emma Coonan.

It's possible Pikes Peak could accumulate a little fresh frosting of snow by Wednesday. For more updates, stay tuned to our website:

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