Big push for more solar energy in Colorado Springs

WATCH Big Push for More Solar Energy in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - This summer Colorado Springs Utilities has broken ground on two new solar energy projects. Their goal is to provide resilient, reliable, and cost-effective energy that is environmentally sustainable -- and these new solar energy facilities are a big step forward. 

Currently, 11% of Colorado Springs's energy generation comes from renewable energy. By 2024, that number will be more than 20%. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Colorado ranked 11th in the nation for installed solar capacity in 2016. Colorado Springs Utilities wants to continue the progress.

"Colorado Springs Utilities is really changing the way we power Colorado Springs," says Amy Trinidad, the company's spokesperson. "Our customers are reaping both the environmental and the economic benefits of solar energy."

The two new solar energy projects that started early this summer are the Palmer Solar Project and the Grazing Yak Project. Combined, they will supply the city with 95 megawatts of renewable energy -- a significant upgrade from the city's current solar energy production.

"We'll be powering almost 80 thousand homes with solar energy. That's a huge step for us. We're going from about 19 megawatts of renewable energy today, to more than 260," said Trinidad. 

In the coming months, another project is set to kick-off as well. This one, called the Pike Solar Project, will generate 150 megawatts of energy. It will be the largest energy storage facility in the state. 

On August 28, Colorado Springs Utilities will hold a public workshop for anyone who would like to be involved in the city's energy planning process. 

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