Bill introduced in Colorado legislature to ban red light cameras

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A bill has been introduced into the Colorado General Assembly to ban red light cameras in the state. 

Representative Stephen Humphrey, a Republican from Weld County, and Representative Jovan Melton, a Democrat from Arapahoe County, are sponsoring the bill in the State House. 

If passed, HB 19-1099 would not allow any city, county or municipality in Colorado to use red light cameras to issue traffic citations. It would also not allow the department of public safety to use "automated vehicle identification systems" to detect people who are speeding in construction zones.

"It really allows for us to talk about whether or not red light cameras are promoting public safety or whether they are a cash cow for many municipalities," Melton said.

As the bill is written currently, if passed, it would still allow the use of toll cameras to asses toll fines. 

The City of Pueblo has had the cameras installed for at least seven years. 

"I would say it's saved several lives," Pueblo Police Department Sgt. Howard Jackson said.

Jackson said there were 13,870 events recorded by the cameras in 2018. He said though only 5,715 tickets were issued. Jackson recognizes though other municipalities use the cameras for revenue.

"I think jurisdictions need to look at the way they're utilizing those systems. Make sure they're utilizing them as a reason of safety, not just to generate revenue," Jackson said. 

Colorado Springs is set to bring the cameras back this year. KRDO NewsChannel 13 has contacted the City of Colorado Springs to see if this bill passes, how it would impact the red light camera system installation.

The bill has been assigned to the State House Transportation and Local Government committee. As the bill currently reads, if passed the ban would go into effect on August 2, 2019.

This is a developing story, this article will be updated. 


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