Blizzard in Southern Colorado makes for dangerous driving conditions

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Howling winds, blowing snow and icy roads led for an adventurous evening and morning here in Southern Colorado, as whiteout conditions made for dangerous driving Tuesday morning. 

Due to the icy roads, truck drivers were required to put on chains to go over monument hill and into castle rock, one driver Keith Gobert, says he has never seen anything like this through Colorado Springs and it took him more than two hours to go 30 miles. 

“I left 4:15 fountain and just made it here,” Gobert said.

While on E. Woodmen Road, we counted at least 15 slide-offs.

Cameron Gabarei was in one of those slide-offs as he had to leave his car in a ditch after running off the road last night.

"Driving home last night and couldn’t see anything and I ended up there, I was going very slow, nothing happened to me but yeah, definitely ended up in the ditch," said Gabarei.

And that seems to be the biggest issue: low visibility, says Chris Bueshl. 

“I mean it’s not that much accumulation but the wind, it’s whiteout for sure. I couldn’t see a thing pulling up here,” added Bueshl. 

Along with Woodmen, Highway 24 is also in poor condition and is closed as CDOT sits outside the gate to make sure no one enters.

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