Bobcat stuck in soccer net: It's more common than you think

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, animals are often roaming about, and because of this, problems can occur in town and lead to many issues.

One recent example was seen Monday when a bobcat here in Colorado Springs got stuck in a soccer net.

“This is something we see multiple times a year, every year," said Sarah Watson with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "It’s something that is not completely preventable but we could definitely decrease the amount we see it.”

And this bobcat isn’t the only animal to ever get stuck in a net. Videos show this is a common problem. 

Watson said, “They can get it wrapped around their eyes, they can get it wrapped around their mouth. Anything that’s in that head area is going to affect them.”

And soccer nets aren’t the only thing to be mindful of. The antlers you can see in the video above are from a deer in Colorado Springs that got tangled up in Christmas lights.

“Halloween decorations, hammocks, swings, any sort of thing that hangs or moves around in the wind, they can get tangled in,” said Watson. 

Good news is, the bobcat was lucky to escape with its life, but that’s not the case with all animals.

“A couple of years ago we had a bull elk that was fighting so hard he tore the actual metal post of a soccer post out of the ground," said Watson. "And by the time we get to them they are usually exhausted. So, exhaustion can kill the wildlife as well as it can strangle them, it can break bones.”

So because of where we live, CPS says it's up to you to help prevent these accidents by putting things that animals can be caught on away when not in use.

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