Canon City burglary suspects arrested after running from police

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. - The Fremont County Sheriff's Office made two arrests Thursday after a report of a suspicious vehicle in the Canon City area. According to a release, a witness said the vehicle had been parked near Elm Ave and Willow Street for the last several nights. 

When deputies arrived inside the home, two male suspects immediately fled on foot after jumping from a second story window. 

Police were able to locate one of the male parties not far from the scene. Morris Bentley Swift, 36, of Canon City, was armed with a gun and taken into custody. He was booked inside the Fremont County Jail and is now facing multiple charges. (See the full list below).

A search for the second suspect was issued as Fremont County Deputies, Officers with Canon City Police, The Florence Police Department, and civilians all assisted in the search. 

Roger David Zaragoza, 39, of Florence was located near the scene several hours later. Zaragoza was also taken into custody inside the Fremont County Jail. He is also facing multiple charges. (See below).


Morris Swift (DOB: 12/08/1981)

2nd Degree Burglary X2 18-4-203 

Unlawful Possession of a Sch II 18-18-403.5 D   

Possession drug paraphernalia 18-18-428  

Possession of a weapon by a previous offender X2 18-12-108  

Special Offender 18-18-407(1)(d)(1)  

Resisting Arrest 18-8-103       

Unlawfully carrying a Concealed Weapon 18-12-105(1)(b) X2    

Obstructing a Peace Officer 18-8-104     

Theft 18-4-401 X2 

2nd Degree Criminal Trespass 18-4-503(1)(a) X3

Criminal Mischief 18-4-501 X2

Roger Zaragoza (DOB: 06/23/1979 18-2722B

2nd Degree Burglary 18-4-203

Resisting Arrest 18-8-103

Obstructing a Peace Officer 18-8-104                         

Theft 18-4-401                                                                 

2nd Degree Criminal Trespass 18-4-503(1)(a) x5          

Criminal Mischief 18-4-501                                                

Criminal Solicitation 18-2-301


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