Colorado businesses impacted by Trump's tariffs

Colorado businesses impacted by tariffs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Another $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods is being prepared by the Trump administration this week. 

It's the latest move in what the President insists is not a trade war with China. 

But the tariffs are already having an impact on local businesses and consumers. 

Chris Wright founded Pikes Peak Brewing Company in Monument. Since President Trump announced tariffs on aluminum and steel, he's seen his aluminum can price go up. 

"This has definitely been the biggest increase since we started canning," Wright said. 

Each can now cost Wright one cent more from his manufacturer. It sounds small, but for the nearly 2 million cans he'll produce this year, it's an extra $20,000 he's absorbing. 

"For $20,000 that's another tank I could buy or raises I could give my staff," Wright said. 

But it's not just canned drinks that are being affected by the tariffs, construction is also seeing an increase. 

"We're protecting our clients as much as we can right now," Mike Krueger, VP for Krueger Brothers Construction said. "But every few months it seems like we're having to adjust just a little bit." 

Krueger said his suppliers' price increases have doubled in frequency this year and attributes it to the tariffs. 

His suggestion to consumers is to get projects done now. 

"A lot of folks that are thinking about doing jobs next year, a lot of times it makes sense for them to go ahead and move forward now in order to save some money," Krueger said. 

For guys like Wright, who doesn't want to pass along costs to consumers, he's hoping the tariffs end sooner rather than later. 

"We'll see the President has done a lot of good things for us, but this is not one of them," Wright said. "No one wants to pay more for beer." 

The entire idea behind the tariffs is to keep prices competitive and support American jobs and manufacturing. 

But it works both ways. Wright said his manufacturer buys American aluminum first but has to buy in other countries because there's not enough made in the United States to go around. 


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