Colorado legislature approves social marijuana consumption licenses

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DENVER - It's good news for cannabis tourists and Colorado residents who don't have a safe and legal place to consume marijuana: the General Assembly on Thursday passed a bill allowing social consumption at certain licensed businesses.

Retail marijuana has been legal for years in Colorado, but the caveat was the lack of places to consume marijuana since many hotels and rental properties ban marijuana on property.

House Bill 1230 passed in the Colorado House Thursday and the Senate Wednesday.

The bill lets dispensaries apply for tasting room licenses; customers will be able to sample cannabis products on site.

In addition to those licenses, the state will also offer private consumption licenses to businesses like music venues, art galleries, restaurants, and hotels.

It's not yet clear if Gov. Jared Polis will sign the bill. The assembly also passed marijuana delivery legislation this week, and Polis hasn't made a comment yet.

Local governments can still opt out of the licensing programs, and we're looking into seeing if Colorado Springs or El Paso County will allow the licensing. The city currently has several marijuana consumption clubs operating on limited licenses.

If signed, local governments can start opting in to the program in Jan. 2020.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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