Colorado legislature votes to approve marijuana delivery

DENVER - Colorado residents will soon be able to order marijuana to be delivered as easily as their munchies if Gov. Jared Polis signs a bill passed Wednesday by the state legislature.

In the final days of the General Assembly, House Bill 1234 passed the Colorado Senate after being approved by the House on April 18. Polis hasn't said specifically if he will sign the bill.

The bill creates marijuana delivery permits for licensed dispensaries and transporters. If signed, customers will be able to order cannabis products right to their home.

Permits for medical marijuana deliveries would start being issued on Jan. 2, 2020; permits for recreational marijuana deliveries would begin on Jan. 2, 2021.

Local governments can ban marijuana deliveries, and it's not clear if El Paso County or Colorado Springs would allow deliveries.

Each delivery will include a $1 surcharge, which will be "remitted to the municipality where the center or store is located" for law enforcement costs related to marijuana. The bill also requires vendor training programs to include marijuana delivery training.

You can read the full bill text HERE.

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