Colorado red flag law sponsor facing recall for his House seat

DENVER - Rep. Tom Sullivan, a first-term Democrat, is facing a recall for his seat in District 37 after sponsoring the controversial red flag bill.

He and Majority Leader Alec Garnett were the two big proponents of the bill that became law in April.

At the bill signing, Sullivan said, "I struggle with the price that we paid to get where we are today."

His son, Alex, died in the 2012 Aurora shooting.

A petition to recall his seat was filed with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office on Monday. 

Now, the petitioner is responsible for collecting "25% of the total votes cast at the last preceding general election for that office," according to state's website.

In Sullivan's case, that's 10,035 signatures.

Sullivan has released a statement reading, "Alex being murdered in the Aurora Theater Massacre was the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. Threats from extremists like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners do not scare me, and they will certainly never stop me from protecting other families from that same heartbreak. I won’t be bullied by the gun lobby and I will always keep my promises to my community and my constituents.”

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owner Association didn't start the recall but hinted that it might be coming when they announced the first lawsuit against the law.

Dudley Brown, executive director of the association said, "somebody filed in House District 37, which is Tom Sullivan's seat. The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners will be deeply involved in that recall."

Now the big question is how many other lawmakers will face similar actions.


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