Colorado Springs Airport doesn't see as much growth in 2018 compared to previous years

WATCH Growth at COS Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs Airport is continuing to grow, but not as much as in previous years. 

In total, the airport says about 1.7 million passengers came through COS in 2018. The airport says that's about a 3 percent increase in passenger traffic from 2017. 

David and Alyssa Barbour flew out of the Colorado Springs Airport for the first time Sunday for a trip for their anniversary. 

They chose the Colorado Springs Airport to save time. 

"It's easier than flying out of Denver. It's closer and easier for our family to drop us off and get home," Alyssa Barbour said. 

David Smith and his wife flew out of COS eight times last year. 

"We can drive into the parking lot and get through security in about 18 minutes," Smith said. 

It's those factors Greg Phillips, Aviation Director for the airport knows is what keeps people coming back. 

Phillips said 3 percent growth is small in comparison 2016 and 2017. 2016 saw a 10 percent increase, while 2017 saw almost a 25 percent increase in traffic. 

"Without adding more and more and more flights that kind of growth from the first two years wasn't really sustainable," Phillips said. 

Monthly traffic at COS towards the second half of the year went down, Phillips said that's because a few routes available in 2017 weren't available in 2018. 

The focus now for 2019 is looking for new airlines and routes. 

"I can't promise any new routes right now, but I can tell you every day we're out there working on it to try and get them here," Phillips said. 

There is currently a lot of construction still underway on the second floor of the terminal. The airport says they're anticipating it'll be mostly done by the end of January.


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