Colorado Springs hopes to attract new businesses with 2019 Fam Tour

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The 2019 Familiarization Tour visited Colorado Springs in hopes of bringing new businesses and jobs to the city. 

Colorado Springs is all about creating jobs and through things like the Fam Tour, they are able to do just that. So far this year they have created more than 1,300 jobs in the city. 

Mayor John Suthers said, "It's all about bringing good businesses with high paying jobs to Colorado Springs." 

Every year the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC hopes to build and create a better economy. 

Dirk Draper, President/CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and EDC, said, "This morning we are having breakfast with a group of site selectors who are here in Colorado Springs this week to meet our community leaders and meet folks in the business community and get familiar with our community." 

Through the tour, site selection consultants come to the Springs on a 3-day tour. But what exactly does a site selection consultant do?

Scott Pollock, Site Selection Consultant said, "We help companies make locational decisions."  

Pollock is out of Cleveland, and he said his clients are looking for specific things and Colorado Springs nails it on the head. 

"Our clients are very concerned with the quality of life, they are very concerned with workforce and the availability of workforce talent, and then they are also very concerned about just access to MSAs," said Pollock. 

After the three-day tour, they get together for breakfast and discuss what they learned and what the Springs might need to improve on. Draper said this is essential to the community. 

Draper said, "About 1/3 of new businesses that we attract to Colorado Springs come through relationships like this." 

And it continues to grow. 

"4th year in the last five that we've hosted a Fam Tour, and we continue to cultivate those relationships, and we have gotten companies that we are working with today through Fam Tours of the past," Draper said. 

The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC hopes to continue this project for many years to come. 

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