Colorado Springs man pleads guilty to stealing 18,000 dollars worth of narcotics

Dewayne Scott, 21, of Colorado Springs, pleaded guilty to stealing nearly 7,000 narcotics, amounting to almost $18,000. 

According to the stipulated facts in the plea agreement Scott and four other people burglarized The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy on North Wahsatch Street in Colorado Springs at approximately 3 a.m. on August 22, 2017.

The FBI investigated the case with assistance from the Colorado Springs Police Department. 

The group stole a total of: 540 Oxycontin pills, 2569 Hydrocodone, 69 Percocet, 120 Morphine Sulphate, 440 Tramadol, 618 Hydromorphone, 340 Adderal, 145 Oxycodone, 676 Oxymorphone, and 1277 Dextroamphetamine pills. The entire loss to the pharmacy was $27,298. 

Scott is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Raymond P. Moore on September 26, 2019.

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