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A story about a PPIHC driver and his duck

Robin Shute and his duck

Robin Shute will race for a third time at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. He lives in California, but he's representing the UK but this story isn't about him. It's not about his car. It's about his pal Dave. This is Dave, and he's the most awesome part of the race hands down. "He came here last year. We made him sealed to our car at altitude. So, he's only ever at home fully inflated once he's on the mountain. So he's the spirit animal of the team," says Shute.

The duck inflating as they get higher in elevation is the most baller thing I've heard yet, "We velcroed him to the car last year and that tape or whatever was enough that it made a perfect seal, and he's been sitting in the garage all deflated and sad at sea level for the last year or so. And he came back here and filled back up, and he's good. He's ready to go. He's excited for the ride," says Shute.

Evidently Dave is a good co-pilot,  "He keeps me calm when I'm kind of waiting and ready to go. He tells me when it's left and when it's right. That's really handy. 156 turns can be tricky," says Shute.

Dave's prediction for this year? "Dave is pumped to go for the win. He cannot see into the future. That's a tricky thing for him to do. He hasn't quite got the skills. He looks great in his sunglasses, but he can't predict the future. But we're going to do our best, that's what we know. And I think if we do our best, we'll have a great shot at winning," says Shute.

Wherever Robin ends up finishing, he has already clinced the win for best co-pilot.


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