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Passenger of vehicle fires shots at Colorado Springs Police officer

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, officers responded to reports of shots fired in the area of Fountain Boulevard and Chelton Road. When police arrived on scene they began looking for a suspect before hearing another shot fired nearby.

That shot came from the area of Fountain and Murray Boulevard.

When investigating, they came in contact with the suspect's vehicle. A maroon, boxy in shape, small sized SUV. 

Lt. Howard Black with Colorado Springs Police said, “Oncoming vehicle swerved away from a marked vehicle away from a marked police officers vehicle and the passenger in that care fired at least one shot towards the officer responding.”

People living in the area didn’t hear the shots fired but were shocked to hear what had happened near their neighborhood.

Anthony Guzman said, “I’m shocked, this area is calm and relaxed there are no problems over here.”

While Dennis Machado added, “it’s always a bad thing when anyone is shot whether it’s police, human being or anybody.”

Guzman said he was shocked that he didn’t hear gunshots, but he goes on to describe the scene.

“She said when she came outside that she saw a lot of activity, police activity. But basically that was it, she didn’t say much more,” said Guzman. 

Lt. Black says it's important, if you hear shots, always report it. “What’s most important is if you hear shots being fired please give us a call, let us be aware.”

Police have launched an investigation and are actively looking for at least two suspects.

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