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Everyone wants to break a record at the PPIHC

Robb Holland

Everyone racing in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb has already made history by being part of the 97th running up America's mountain but for guys like Robb Holland, the former record holder for the fastest time in a front-wheel drive car, he wants his place in history back, "For me, I've been a front wheel drive guy. We came here, we set the bar really high. Then the Acura guys spent a lot of time and money trying to beat it, and they did, but only by six seconds. I'm hugely motivated to get it back," Robb Holland.

Nick Robinson is the guy who broke Robb's record,"We didn't bring out front-wheel-drive car this year. We were anticipating Robb or someone would come and be running for that record so it's not surprising. I know Mr. Holland. We're friends, so we'll see," says Robinson.  "It's one of those things where you study every bit of video now. We're looking for every tenth of a second we can gain. It's hugely important. This is a new car. It's a bit untested but I think the guys at Blue Water did a fantastic job with it, so I'm confident in the car," says Holland. Robinson added "It's fun. He's got a real nice machine from what I've seen online, and so he's probably got a pretty good chance at it."

Robb knows he's not really racing against Nick's record, per se, he made a practice run earlier this year in close to zero visibility, because the real challenge is the mountain,"You start off at 10,000 feet. You're up to 14,000 feet. The hill throws so many challenges at you that you don't see in any other race we do. I've been racing for 20 years as a pro now and this is by far the most difficult race we face every single year," says Holland

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