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Hackers prey on Apple users with convincing email scam

Hackers prey on Apple users with convincing email scam

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Attention Apple users -- a new phishing email is circulating that aims to steal our personal and financial information.

"I can easily see how people could be fooled by this one," said Daniel Bay, KRDO's Chief Engineer, who gets hundreds of emails on a daily basis.

"At first glance, it looks like Apple sent it," Bay said

Here's how the scam works. 

The email claims Apple is "missing key information" from your account and needs you to verify it by clicking on a link.

"You'll click on the link to put in information where they'll take your password and use that password to legitimately login to your Apple account," Bay said.

Another outcome is you click on the link and download malicious software on your computer. 

Det. Jon Price with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office says it's always important to be skeptical.

"Choose passwords that are difficult to guess and make sure your updates are done regularly on your computer," Price said.

As always, double check a message before clicking on anything.

If you want to report a scam, email

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