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KRDO investigates complaints against local roofing company

KRDO investigates complaints against local roofing company

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "I just never thought it would happen to us," said Deborah and Richard Hatfield of Security.

We've seen it before, and now we're investigating complaints against local roofing company KH Roofing and Construction.

Damaged siding, broken gutters, and roofs half built -- contractors promise work that just never gets done.

"I'm extremely frustrated with this," said Deb, staring at the hole carved out of the side of her house. "You know, we just thought it was going to be fixed."

It's not just that gaping hole that Deb's concerned about.

"You can see the screw holes here," she said looking at the roof of her porch outside. "They're flapping."

It's a similar story with their gutter and roof atop their storage unit.

Robert Daniel Wright met with the Hatfields back in August.

"They said they'll be back tomorrow to finish it," said Richard. "But, they just never showed up."

After countless calls and texts, eight months went by, and the work never got done.

KH Roofing and Construction has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, Wright's license with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department is revoked, which means they can't legally operate in town.

KRDO reached out to Wright several times by phone, but only got a message stating his mailbox was full. Our team also went to his listed business address and later found out it was the home address of his partner, Kevin Hoyt, who spoke to us over the phone.

We asked, "The Hatfields have been waiting for eight months, is the job every going to be completed?" 

Hoyt responded by saying he met with Mr. Hatfield last night and got the roof done.

We asked, "Why did it take eight months to get a response?" 

Hoyt said he didn't know the whole story and just wanted it resolved.

"It's horrible, it's just wrong," said the Hatfields.

Editor's note: Since our story aired, Hoyt said his team is working on getting their license re-validated. Althought, according to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department Hoyt will have to re apply in order to get a new license. The license was initially revoked after three different complaints were filed.

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