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SCAMBUSTER: Ever get a suspicious 719 call? Scammers are getting smarter

Avoid scam solicitation calls

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Scammers are getting smarter with technology that allows them to make fake calls from out-of-state area codes.

It's simple. Scammers get access to an internet protocol phone number through the internet, which allows them to have any three digit prefix (area code) when they make a call.

The bad news: it can be hard to tell if it's safe to answer the phone because a (719) area code could actually be a caller in a different country.

Deb's story

Deb Grove got home from running errands when she saw a voicemail on her answering machine.

This is what she heard: "May I have your first name please, *pause. Great, thank you.."

"It actually sounded like they were having a conversation with you."

Scammers use a fake monotoned woman's voice offering a deal with a company selling funeral insurance.

"They continued the conversation with pauses and asked if they could create a password for your new account," said Grove.

So what's the trick?

The caller will ask "to disconnect this call, press one."

If you did that, scammers know they have a live person and will keep this number to send to other hackers. 

KRDO NewsChannel 13 reached out to Det. Trey White with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office who explained how scammers are usually never in the area they are calling from.

"If a 719 number appears on your caller ID, it doesn't mean the person is here in Colorado," said Price. "Usually hackers get the protocol number from the internet with a 719 prefix and can be in a totally different part of the country."

The moral of the story?

-If you get a call from a 719 number, it doesn't mean it's legitimate or even local

-After getting a voicemail you don't recognize, don't do anything to signal you have an active, working number

If you know of a scam, report it immediately to the Internet Crime Complaint Center or the city's Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy Division.

If you'd like us to investigate your story, email me at



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