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Sky Sox catcher almost gives up on his dream

Christian Bethancourt has found the love again

Sky Sox catcher almost gave up on his dream

Christian Bethancourt is an all-star, "I'm grateful because you guys gave me another opportunity gave me another shot to continue my baseball career," says Bethancourt. But he almost wasn't a baseball player at all. Last year Christian found himself toiling with the San Diego Padres, "When I was with the Padres they were like trying to do an experiment with me and try to make me a pitcher and position player at the same time and it was just tough," says Bethancourt.


They were experimenting with him, like he was some sort of lab rat, "I don't know why the Padres were trying to make a pitcher out of him I'll be honest," says Sky Sox manager Rick Sweet.

Christian couldn't focus on being good at any one thing and that weighed on him, "It got on my mind a lot and it was very frustrating, I was not finding joy in the game," says Bethancourt.

Baseball had become so joy-less that a man with Major League talent was willing to give up the game all-together, "The reality was like I wasn't going to sign with anybody," says Bethancourt.

But then the Brewers found their diamond in the rough, "I was playing winter ball and I played really well down there and the Brewers took a shot on me, so I'm always going to be thankful for that and going to appreciate that," says Bethancourt, 

"He can catch, he can throw, he's the best throwing catcher in the league. Christian's done it all for us and really done a good job for us," says Sweet.

Now, with renewed resolve, he reaches ever closer to his ultimate dream, "Never give up, like I said my goal is to get back to the major leagues and I'm not going to stop until I reach it again," says Bethancourt.

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