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TCA signing day

17 student-athletes sign letters of intent

TCA Signing Day

     Seventeen T-C-A TITANS, that's more than ten percent of the 2018 graduating class, committed to playing sports after high school, "It was really cool and it was relieving to get it done with and realize what I'm going to do next year and in the future," says Luke Ciollii. Normally kids are committing to colleges on national signing day, Luke Ciolli is taking a different route. He is heading to Alaska to play junior hockey and chase his dreams, "I've been dreaming about playing college hockey but I feel like this is the next step in my development. Hopefully in the next couple years I'll be on the path to playing division one at the school of my dreams," says Ciolli.

     Ericka Willis is taking a more traditional path in a not so traditional sport, "I just always work my hardest with the situations that I'm given, fighting through adversity," says Willis. She's soaring into the wild blue yonder at the Air Force Academy, as a pole vaulter, "Every school I visited I kept looking back at the Academy and I couldn't pass on the opportunities that I'd be guaranteed there," says Willis.

     Staying close to home was on the minds of many Titans, including Jake Slater, "I've kind of always known that I want to stay in state. I just noticed that the whole team, they're a good group of guys. They seem friendly and nobody is that mean guy on the team," says Slater. Slater is taking one important lesson from TCA over to UCCS as he joins ths Lions soccer team, "Never give up. Whether it be grades, athletics, just never give up," says Slater.

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