Colorado state officials to start charging sales tax on purchases made online

Online Sale Tax Dana Clemens

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado state officials are closing a major loophole when it comes to purchasing items online. They are now making sure online companies that operate outside of the state collect local sales taxes.

The change will require all companies, whether or not they have a presence in Colorado, to collect those taxes and pay them. It puts these Colorado companies on equal footing with companies outside of the state.

Under the new rules, sales taxes will be collected at the point of sale, the same way they are in brick-and-mortar stores. It's something that will not affect the everyday consumer directly, their tax obligation is the same, now it's just the question of when they pay state taxes. However, we believe this will make it easier for them to compliant with tax law.

Most consumers we talked to said the change is a good idea. 

"I think it will help our local businesses be on a level playing field," said Dan Kay.

"I think it's good to pay more taxes and help out our area," said Alberto Hernandez.

For the most part, local businesses seem to be on board with the new change as well. 

"Any opportunity to level the playing field for local shops to make it in this worldwide economy is a benefit," said Matt Chmielarczyk manager at Mountain Chalet.

The first day Colorado companies can start collecting sales tax is December 1, 2018.


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