Colorado wholesale pot price down 35% from last year

COLORADO - Whether it's basic supply and demand or just a real value starting to show after years of legalization, the price of wholesale marijuana per pound has dropped significantly.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, the going rate for marijuana (bud, not trim) was $846 per pound. That's down from $1,298 at the same time last year -- about a 35 percent decrease -- and down nearly $200 from just three months ago.

But despite the wholesale price dropping, Coloradans and other pot tourists are making up for it in quantity. That's evidenced by the fact that revenue from cannabis continues to rise year after year. Marijuana tax revenues also continue to grow every year.

The Department of Revenue says an increase in the supply of marijuana and marijuana products is believed to be one of the factors driving prices downward. The department is monitoring the market to prevent oversupply.

Here's a chart of the market rate's downward spiral:

AMR as of:

Bud Rate


Trim Rate


Bud Allocated for Extraction Rate


January 1, 2015




July 1, 2015




January 1, 2016




July 1, 2016




January 1, 2017




July 1, 2017




August 9, 2017




October 1, 2017




January 1, 2018




April 1, 2018




July 1, 2018




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