Company responds after speeding truck runs red light at Union and Woodmen, narrowly missing cars

WATCH: Company responds after truck runs red light at Union and Woodmen narrowly missing cars

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The company that owns a truck that was seen speeding through a stop light at Union Boulevard and Woodman Drive earlier this month says it wasn't the driver's fault.

Dash cam footage of the near-crash was posted on YouTube the day following the incident. At approximately the 0:20 mark, you can see a truck traveling full speed through a red light, and almost hitting at least four cars.

Tom Miller is President of Eagle River Capital, the parent company of HBS Services which owned the truck. He told us the truck has since been junked: "I had the keys removed, I had a thorough inspection done on the truck, then had it put on a flatbed to Denver where I sell scraps."

 He said the driver's brakes gave out. He commends the driver for his ability to use the friction of the curb on his tires to eventually slow the truck to a stop. "I patted the driver on the back, and thanked him for being able to control the vehicle in a very difficult situation."

Some people who saw the video say they want someone held responsible for what happened. However, Tom says the problem wasn't easily detectable during routine Maintenance. He says the brakes had recently been checked on the decade old vehicle, and it was a "link pin" that snapped, causing the brakes to go. He told KRDO that link pin was probably as old as the truck.

It's unclear if the incident was reported to police. We've reached out to CSPD to see if they're investigating the matter and we're still waiting for a response.


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