Couple moves into RV after mold affects their health

WATCH Couple moves into RV after mold harms their health

A couple moved into an RV a month ago after they say black mold affected their health significantly. 

Ellis Lucas said he noticed the symptoms upon moving into a rental house in Rockrimmon. His symptoms worsened and eventually affected his respiratory system, forcing him to take steroids to breathe easier. 

"It began to be pretty regular," Ellis said. "I'd just lose my voice, sore throat, a lot of coughing, but the fatigue - bad."

His wife Peggi Lucas is a nurse practitioner and says she feared the worst after hearing about other people dying of mold-related health issues. 

"People die," said Peggi holding back her tears. "Our pastor's friend died and you know that's hard."

 Although mold is not a widespread issue in drier states like Colorado, health experts say the symptoms can be devastating for those vulnerable to its spores. 

"It can affect the whole body," said William Storms, an allergy specialist in Colorado Springs. "So some people have mental issues, some people have joint pain, breathing issues, rashes." 

Ellis said he hasn't noticed the symptoms improve significantly since moving into the RV. The couple is seeking treatment at the National Jewish Health Hospital in Denver. 

"There have been times when I've thought 'Man am I going to pull through?" he said. "Because I've never been really ill before." 

Storms says it can be hard for health tests to pinpoint mold toxins as the root of medical issues. He recommends people be on the lookout for mold in their homes, especially if they have experienced any flooding. 

"Look in any areas where there may be a water leak and make sure that mold doesn't grow," Storms said. "Because any mold can be bad." 

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