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53-yr-old arrested for stealing urns, other items from Pueblo West funeral home

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - A 53-year-old has been arrested for breaking into a funeral home in Pueblo West and stealing $3,000 worth of items. 

Bruce A. Parks was arrested at his home in Pueblo West on Tuesday after someone who watched the Pueblo West Funeral Home and Cremation surveillance footage was able to positively identify him.


Parks broke into the funeral home off S. Joe Martinez Boulevard sometime in the night on Sunday. 

He broke a window and caused more than $2,000 worth of damage to the business. Parks also stole 24 urns, household items, electronic equipment and a bicycle. 

The business's surveillance footage shows Parks breaking a window and entering the business. He then leaves and re-enters the building several times, taking items each time he left.

Deputies got a call late Monday night about a suspicious man in the 100 block of West Palmer Lake Drive. When they went to investigate, they found some of the items that were reported stolen from the funeral home.


When the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office talked to Parks, he said that he left his home on Sunday evening to go to the liquor store and didn't return until Monday night. 

"Parks said he didn’t remember much of what happened during the time he was away from his home, except that he was in and out of dreaming," the Sheriff's Office's report stated. 

Deputies recovered all of the items taken in the burglary with the exception of a microphone. They were found at different locations in Pueblo West and returned to the funeral home.

Parks was arrested for second-degree burglary, theft, criminal mischief, and a restraining order violation. He was booked into Pueblo County Jail.

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