D11 rolls out new programs for first day

D11 rolls out new programs for first day

Wednesday was the first day of school for District 11, and they began by rolling out some exciting new changes. 

"We've built a before and after school program that will serve kids from 6 AM to 6 PM," said James Monroe Elementary Principal Carol Frye.

It's a program rolled out just this year, to help meet the busy schedules of parents living in Colorado Springs. 

"I get to work at 6:30 in the morning and mom will be dropping them off, but I get off at 5 and the program goes until 6, so it works out since its right in the area and not out of the way," said father of three Anthony Ramsey. 

"We wanted to make sure in the couple of our schools that had a concentration of families that had those extended work hours, we could also extend our learning opportunities for our students," superintendent Dr. Michael Thomas told us. 

The before and after school program also coincides perfectly with District 11's new plan to lay out fresh core values and strategies. 

"We want to think about what needs to be different for kids here to get a world class education. We believe that other options for parents including the before and after school program, some social emotional curriculum that we're bringing on board this year to help students in the classroom relate to their peers and situations happening outside of the school walls will be incredibly beneficial," said Principal Frye. 

Each member of the faculty, staff, parents and community, embodied this message as they sent the students off for their first day of school. 

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