Denver veterinarian says too many dogs are getting high from edibles left out

DENVER, Colo. - A Denver veterinarian is saying that his hospital sees about 17 dogs sick from marijuana edibles accidentally left out by their owners each month.

According to our news partners at KUSA, Dr. Fitzgerald with the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital says that before marijuana legalization they would see about 17 animals with symptoms of being high every year. But since legalization that number has become a monthly statistic.

Most of the cases are a result of humans accidentally leaving edibles out within their dog's reach.

"The main thing we see is not malicious," he told 9News. "It's just the dog blundered into his dad's stash on the counter." 

The symptoms include wobbling, sensitive to light and sound, and lethargy.

Fitzgerald says a dog has to eat a lot of pot brownies to get to the lethal limit, and smaller dogs are more vulnerable because of their weight. He recently saw two Yorkies die in his hospital.

Although there is no antidote to a marijuana high, Fitzgerald still suggests bringing your dog to the emergency room as soon as possible if you suspect it may have ingested the drug.

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