District 3 rolls out new curriculum

District three rolls out new curriculum

WIDEFIELD, Colo. - Thursday, students in District 3 headed back to school, launching a new and innovative curriculum for their students called Project-Based Learning. 

"It's using students' individualized abilities to guide what they're doing in the classroom," said mother Kerri Denney. 

Each grade focuses on a project connecting them to real-life issues.

"We are going to look at animal adaptations and how they've helped us solve human problems," said first-grade teacher Alex Pesut. 

For fourth-grade teacher Lindsay Boyd, the style is a bit different. 

"They're going to be studying natural disasters that happen here in Colorado. They're going to pick one that really piques their interest, and then they're going to create an emergency kit and also a preparedness plan for the community," Boyd told us.

Starting from Kindergarten, working all the way to fifth grade, faculty and staff will build on lessons from the year before, with incentives for the end of the year. 

The fourth and fifth graders began with this program last year, and it did so well, it's now being implemented across the board. 

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